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June 2009

Watching Daddy Die

The email from my father’s wife said that he had fallen and broken several ribs. After a horrific night in the emergency room he was, for reasons unfathomable, sent home. But the next day the pain was so much and his condition so worsened that he was checked into the hospital. Further, the email said, his doctor offered the probability that he might never get out. But knowing that my… Read More »Watching Daddy Die

Bob Dylan is a Scruffy Old Man

According to today’s Daily Beast the legendary and, yes, old, Bob Dylan was questioned by a twenty-something police officer in New Jersey when someone reported “a scruffy old man acting suspiciously.” The twenty-something cop had no idea who Dylan was and made him prove his identification back at his hotel, then called the precinct because the cop still had no idea who Dylan was. This on the “anniversary” of Woodstock,… Read More »Bob Dylan is a Scruffy Old Man