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December 2009

I’m Not Content with Giving Content

My daughter asks a lot of questions; she wants to know the definitions of words, what things mean she hears on the news, what I think of something on Facebook or You Tube. She needs help choosing books to read, formulating political ideas, and coming to conclusions. Dictionary, encyclopedia, library, newscast, advice columnist, that’s me, her very own “content provider.” When something happens that she has somehow missed, she says… Read More »I’m Not Content with Giving Content

A Very Jewish Christmas

“I’m looking forward to Christmas,” an old friend tells me over the phone. She’s spending it with her Jewish ex-husband and two half-Jewish college-aged daughters. “I love spending Christmas with the Jews.” The stereotype in America has long been that on Christmas day Jews go out for Chinese food and see a movie. This is one cliché that rings true. After all, as George Clooney says to his young protégé… Read More »A Very Jewish Christmas

Thank You For Shopping!!!!

“Every customer is valuable and, they’re even more valuable today because there are fewer of them.” Ron Frasch, chief merchant of Saks Fifth Avenue, on improving service in the holiday season.” The New York Times, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 Some many years ago when I was childless and still had expendable income, I was at the cosmetics counter of Lord & Taylor waiting for someone to help me. I stood… Read More »Thank You For Shopping!!!!

Note: Call Doctor Re Memory & Knowledge Loss. Terrified.

There are post-it notes all over my mother’s room at the assisted living place where she has lived since being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the summer of 2005. She loves post-it notes. She likes them in bright colors like hot pink and green. Some of them have her name on them: A Note From…. She has always like post-it notes—they used to accompany the many newspaper and magazine articles she… Read More »Note: Call Doctor Re Memory & Knowledge Loss. Terrified.