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November 2011

Love’s Labors Lost?

My 18-year-old daughter who is a freshman in college texted me the other day that she had a date for Saturday night. I texted her back that I thought college kids didn’t date. She replied that yes that was true and she had been complaining about it just the other day, when lo and behold she got an invitation to dinner out with a boy she knows. As far as… Read More »Love’s Labors Lost?

Despicable Behavior: But is it Harassment?

I have been trying to dissect two stories that have come across my desk (or, perhaps I should say my computer) the past couple of days. In one, a youngish blogger is in the middle of a brouhaha that involves a man asking her to his room as they rode an elevator together at four in the morning and includes the comments of, are you ready for this? noted philosopher… Read More »Despicable Behavior: But is it Harassment?