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April 2015

Téa Leoni Saves the World

Better than Keri Russell who is tough but on the wrong side, way more interesting than any Wonder Woman incarnation, more fully realized than any of the female FBI agents or cops who abound in television dramas, and far less neurotic than Lucy Liu’s Dr. Watson, Téa Leoni is the best thing to happen to feminism on television since I don’t know when. Like the television shows The West Wing… Read More »Téa Leoni Saves the World

I Was a Teenaged Feminist?

A couple of days ago a “Dear Abby” column had a letter in it from a 16-year-old girl who works in the food service industry and reveals that a coworker quit because the boss told her he had “feelings” for her. Now the young girl is uncomfortable working there and doesn’t know what to do. Abby, in all her pre-feminist glory, tells the young girl to “keep her distance” and… Read More »I Was a Teenaged Feminist?

Do I Want to Know if I’ll Get Alzheimer’s?

I figure I have maybe fifteen good years left.  That’s an odd thing to have to wrap your head around but when your grandmother and mother were both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in their early to middle seventies it is an inescapable fact. It took me some years to just wrestle with my mother’s diagnosis and realize my grandmother’s “senile dementia” was the same thing before I began to think about… Read More »Do I Want to Know if I’ll Get Alzheimer’s?