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November 2015

There Is No Safe Space

For the past few months it seemed like there was a school shooting every week. Those took the top news slots. Until they didn’t. Until they were bumped from the place above the fold by college students protesting against what they see as institutional racism on campuses like Yale and the University of Missouri. Until the attacks in Paris bumped that news off the front page.  And all along, threaded… Read More »There Is No Safe Space

What Not To Wear: Caitlyn Jenner Style

God help me. I grew up once upon a time when colleges didn’t provide safe spaces, when sexual harassment was de rigueur, when date rape was my fault for leading the guy on, when women could definitely not be anything they wanted to be. I’m not whining. That’s just the way it was. We’ve come a long way, baby. Right? Maybe not. Caitlyn Jenner makes headlines when she says the… Read More »What Not To Wear: Caitlyn Jenner Style