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An Inn Near Kyoto

by Kathleen Coskran (Editor),‎ C.W. Truesdale (Editor)

Travel Writing. Women’s Literature.

AN INN NEAR KYOTO is the third book (following THE HOUSE ON VIA GOMBITO and TANZANIA ON TUESDAY) in a series of women’s travel writing anthologies published by New Rivers Press.

Like the writings in the first two volumes, the over forty pieces in AN INN NEAR KYOTO represent a vast array of perspectives, each of which sheds light on the particular textures of different societies: Water buffalo roam the paths of this village. I follow the sounds of gamelons and find a large orchestra rehearsing with their teacher. Someone beckons me in and I listen for hours to metal clappers and gamelons and loud drumming that rises and falls in waves. I wonder if I am being changed by this music, the strange rhythms, the relentlessness (Judith Azrael, Sketch Book: Indonesia).