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Getting Old

by Ashley Parker Evans

Getting Old is a worthy goal and one that evolves over years of searching, sacrifice, and maybe even satisfaction. In this fresh and revealing collection, a range of authentic voices ponder the ravages of the body, familial duty, love, grief, and mortality. This anthology includes nuanced short stories, lyrical poetry, and humorous essays.

Contributing authors are Bruce Alford, Barry Antokoletz, Judith Arcana, Anthony Bain, Susanne Braham, Kevin Carey, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, J. L. Cooper, Douglas K. Currier, Bill Cushing, Diana Decker, Liz Dolan, Falconhead, Adam Fisher, Alan D. Harris, Sarah Henry, Art Heifetz, Lynn Hoffman, Ann Howells, Dustin Hyman, Jennifer Lagier, Nancy Smiler Levinson, Amanda Lewan, Carol D. Marsh, Sandy McPheron, Ed Meek, Siena Milia, Carol Murphy, Wolfgang Niesielski, Lu Pierro, Niles Reddick, John G. Rodwan Jr., Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, Mark Antony Rossi, Carol Smallwood, Carol Graf Snyder, Lisa Solod, Patty Somlo, Margaret Stawowy, Keith Stewart, Meneese Wall, Clifford Wieck, Sarah Brown Weitzman, Anne Harding Woodworth, and Changming Yuan.