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These Winter Months: The Late Orphan Project Anthology

by Anne Born

The Late Orphan Project Anthology is a collection of stories written after the death of a parent. The focus is not the grief, the sense of loss, the terrible sadness, but rather the simpler things.
This is about the intricate and universal workings of family – regrets, learning, problem solving, daily life, and most definitely, love.

The writers are:
Amy McVay Abbott
Dane Aska
Kerry Boland
Anne Born
Emily Conyngham
Roger Fallihee
Jaime Franchi
Lourdes A. Gautier
Michael P. Geffner
Sue Glasko
Jennifer Harmon
Ken Hartke
Joan Haskins
Lisa Kern
Catherine Nagle
Sharon Nesbit-Davis
Jeanne Sathre
Anne Shrock Ott
Monika Schott
Lisa Solod
Tery Spataro
Marsha Tejeda
Deb Victoroff
Barb Hamp Weicksel
Joan Becht Willette

We are the storytellers. These are our stories.