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There is Beauty in Truth

I was into my thirties before I began to tell the truth. I hadn’t exactly been lying in the three previous decades; but what I had been doing was, at best, dissembling, and at worst, well, let’s say I was avoiding the truth. And all the while I had no real idea I was doing it. I come from a family of liars. We didn’t know or tell the truth… Read More »There is Beauty in Truth

Note: Call Doctor Re Memory & Knowledge Loss. Terrified.

There are post-it notes all over my mother’s room at the assisted living place where she has lived since being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the summer of 2005. She loves post-it notes. She likes them in bright colors like hot pink and green. Some of them have her name on them: A Note From…. She has always like post-it notes—they used to accompany the many newspaper and magazine articles she… Read More »Note: Call Doctor Re Memory & Knowledge Loss. Terrified.