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June 2008

Funny, You Don’t LOOK Jewish!

Anti-Semitism has been a fact of my life for its entirety, from the first time, at age 5 or 6 I was told I was going to hell because I did not believe in Jesus, to the countless times I was called a “stupid Jew,” a kike, a baby killer, and a host of other names; from the time when, after the tent revivals rolled into town and everyone got… Read More »Funny, You Don’t LOOK Jewish!

Yes, We Are Stupid, Rick Shenkman

It has been widely reported that liberals are more pessimistic than conservatives. Although I am not sure I buy the research I certainly fall into the liberal progressive pessimist category when it comes to the political process and the American public’s ability to read and think, seriously, about both the candidates and the issues. Because we don’t, most of us. We don’t read much. We certainly read little that challenges… Read More »Yes, We Are Stupid, Rick Shenkman