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We No Longer Have the Luxury of Sheltering in Place

We may not be able to recall when we first heard the term “shelter in place” but it is being bandied about frequently now that we have shootings and major disasters occurring almost daily. Our understanding of the term means that we hunker down, stay where we are, keep our head low, and don’t move until the immediate danger has passed, whether it’s a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, a… Read More »We No Longer Have the Luxury of Sheltering in Place

The Fight About Feminism and Motherhood That Isn’t

Motherhood vs. Feminism? Give me a break. The New York Times recent forum with that title is just another example of the mainstream media ginning up a false dichotomy and presenting two ideas as opposing when they aren’t even mutually exclusive. And for the writers in this false “war” to state that motherhood issues pose an end to feminism shows a frightening but clear ignorance of what feminism was and… Read More »The Fight About Feminism and Motherhood That Isn’t

Pay Close Attention to Those Behind the Curtain

In the “this isn’t really news” department we have had, this week, Katie Rophe’s ridiculous article about how female sexual fantasies of bondage spell the end of feminism (a Newsweek cover story no less), a fake war between mothers who work outside the home and mothers who don’t: a war that the media has loved to burnish even though most women in the US have great respect for each other’s… Read More »Pay Close Attention to Those Behind the Curtain

WHY Must We Constantly Re-Invent Ourselves?

I am feeling very inadequate. While I have recently, at the age of 55, moved to a new city and a house, completed a new novel, and said good-bye to my last child as she heads off the college; while I have, in the past six years ended two marriages and started a new relationship, I have not, for example: climbed a mountain, alone, started a cupcake business, left my… Read More »WHY Must We Constantly Re-Invent Ourselves?

Michele Bachmann is Not a Feminist but She is Running for President

Michele Bachmann is not a feminist but she is running for President. Michele Bachmann, a congresswoman and a lawyer, is running for president. Michele Bachmann is a mother and a foster mother and a wife and she is running for president. What part of this makes any sense at all? Michele Bachmann, according to recent news, went to law school because her husband told her to. Bachmann is running for… Read More »Michele Bachmann is Not a Feminist but She is Running for President

Who Gets to Call Herself a Feminist Matters More Than We Might Think

Within the past few days, young and famous feminist Jessica Valenti defended her decision not to take part in a panel based on More magazine’s recent list of hip and important young feminists and Nora Ephron all but dismissed the old-line feminist movement of the Seventies by esstentially calling women of that era “irritable” in a Huffington Post article taken from her new book. Is feminism schizophrenic or what? Although… Read More »Who Gets to Call Herself a Feminist Matters More Than We Might Think

On Misogyny: The Happiness Factor

As women, we’ve all had our “aha moments. Mine came when I watched Anita Hill testify at the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in the early Nineties. I found nothing she said fantastic or unbelievable; in my experience, it all seemed like it could easily have happened.As I listened to her testimony, I realized that what I had been subject to a dozen years ago, was also sexual harassment by a… Read More »On Misogyny: The Happiness Factor

The Shriver Report on Women

I don’t think I or any woman I know needs to read “The Shriver Report: A Women’s Nation Changes Everything” by Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress. Although the Report is being highly touted as important on several NBC programs, all the women I know know exactly what our state is: Pretty hectic and too often unrewarded compared to the work we do. Our children and our husbands… Read More »The Shriver Report on Women

Men and the One Thing Thing

I was in Quiznos the other day (the only place I go for what could be called “fast food”) and the owner, who is an acquaintance of mine, introduced me to a new employee and we got onto the subject of dating—don’t ask, you know how women talk in circles—and the woman expressed discouragement because the men she met were only interested in One Thing. I said “So what?” Which… Read More »Men and the One Thing Thing